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What is business networking?

It is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other businesses and potential clients and/or customers. The main purpose of business networking is to make other businesses and entrepreneurs aware of your business and hopefully turn them into customers or become strategic partners with them.

Why is networking good for business?

Business networking helps you to reach more clients, knowledge and eventually attain business growth and increased profit. It’s a place where businesses can discuss and share their successes and mistakes with other businessmen and help each other grow and succeed.

Benefits of business networking:

- Gain new contacts & referrals

- Opportunity for partnership/joint ventures

- Business expansion opportunities

- Increased visibility for your business

- Staying informed with changing business trends

- Problem solving solutions

- Shared knowledge and expertise

- Confidence boost

- Ongoing support

- Forming a business community

Business Networking Solutions

One of the best ways to grow your business and gain exposure is through meeting like – minded entrepreneurs like yourself and supporting one another.

ACME Connect Chapters

Our list of chapters that you can join.

1 - Johannesburg

2 - Tshwane

3 - Ekurhuleni

4 - Sedibeng

5 - West Rand


ACME Connect gives business entrepreneurs the endless possibility for growth both locally and nationally


With the support from fellow chapter members gaining paying leads is no longer expensive and out of reach


We encourage businesses to think outside the box & explore the endless possibilities that lay before them in order to grow


We create an influential environment for our members where businesses can guide each other to success

About Us

ACME Connect was started on the fundamental basis that to receive business, you have to give business and thus the first chapter was established in order to connect local businesses with one another and have them support each other ever since.

With ACME Connect businesses are provided the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs online and at meetings to gain exposure. Through weekly meetings and our online referral portal businesses will be able to strengthen their networks, grow their brand as well as receive access to exclusive resources and expert advice.

Our aim is to connect businesses face-to-face, urging them to support one another and build strong, trusting lasting relationships.

Reasons to Join ACME Connect

At ACME Connect we have a saying "you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself." When you join us, you will become a part of a positive and motivated team that are ready to support you.

Benefits for joining:

Access to a professional marketing referral program.
Only one business per industry, for every chapter.
Chapters available across Gauteng.
Unlimited referrals from fellow network members.
Exponential growth for your business brand.
Gain access to expert advice for your industry.

ACME Connect Membership

Membership is R3500 per annum
No further cost involved for the entire year

Membership includes the following:
-All the networking meetings and other events hosted by ACME Connect
-That you are the only business representing your chosen industry
-Business Development training & advertising, marketing advice
-Access to the online referral portal/app
-And more

Networking meetings are held every second week.
At the meetings you will get together with fellow business owners, directors and entrepreneurs.
The main objective of these meetings are to make friends in your chapter, find suppliers and clients for your business. Creating strategic alliances in order to grow your business.
It is a great opportunity for businesses to discuss challenges that they are facing, share ideas for new opportunities, work together on new trends and marketing tactics.
We also have an online referral portal to make sure our members get the most out of the business networking

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I attend a members meeting before joining?
Yes, you may attend one business networking meeting without being a member.
2What happens at the networking meetings?
Short meet and greet session at the beginning. We start off with an introduction from the chapter coordinator. One topic will be discussed per session with regards to business networking, business development, marketing/advertising and more. On occasions there will be speakers presenting or chapter members are given the opportunity to share more about them or a specific aspect of their business. Lastly there is a short introductory session of all the members. At the end we open the table for discussions. Members are welcome to stay and network further after the networking session has completed.
3How long are the networking meetings?
Between 40 to 45 minutes.
4When are the networking meetings held?
Every chapter host their members meeting on a different day of the week and time. To find out more about a specific chapter please contact us directly.
5Do I have to attend every meeting?
Preferably yes, but should you not be able to attend, we allow members to attend one in every three members meetings. Should you miss more than three consecutive meetings, your position will be reopened for another business to join.
6Who will be attending the networking meetings?
At the meetings you will get together with fellow business owners, directors and entrepreneurs. We do not allow reps to join our network, only the decision makers of a business may join.
7What payment methods do you accept?
Payments should be done via EFT, we do not accept cash or credit cards.
8When should the membership payment be made?
On acceptance of membership.
9What is the purpose of the online referral portal/app?
The app is used for referral purposes. It puts businesses in contact with one another on a 24/7 basis.
10Who has access to the online referral portal/app?
All the businesses that are a part of ACME Connect.
11Can I share the online referral portal/app?
Yes, we allow businesses to share the app with their fellow colleagues, employees as well as family and friends.
12Is the app open to the public?
No, it is only for the members of ACME Connect and their peers.
13Do you advertise our business outside of the network and/or on social media platforms?
No, the sole purpose of the network is to grow your business through building mutual benefiting relationships with fellow business owners and referring one another.
14Am I guaranteed to get referrals and support from fellow members?
Business networking works on the following basis: ‘Givers Gain’. If you refer other businesses and make use of their products/services, then they will do the same for you. If you put in the effort, show up to the meetings and make use of the online referral portal/app, then chances are high that you will succeed in the network.

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Business Networking

Join a local chapter near you today !

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